Always Easy


We conduct regular internal audits and even contract independent security specialists to perform and publish a public security audit, to enhance the security of the Exam Booking.com.


The scalability and utilization capacity of the Exam Booking.com is managed automatically based on the current demands with the automated peak load management.


From the initial level, it has featured a 99.9% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all customers.

Low Risk

Native cloud means no versions, no upgrades, no downloads, and no migrations. It all happens automatically, so there’s less risk, less to manage and less downtime.

No Downloads Required

It is a hosted online examination system, so there are no software downloads required to utilize the system.

Browser Support

It is compatible with the popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Automatic Updates

Our development team will automatically upgrade the system, when new features or updates are available.

Real-time Activity Feed

It provides a real-time activity feed showing recent news, payment activities, completion of exams and user lock/unlock activities for all the users.