Online Examination Platform

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Online Examination Platform

Detailed view of OEP

Exam is fully customized and added with more functionality to match the unique needs of the customer. The site features a fresh look, easy navigation and uncluttered design as well as including our newly designed logo. Our prime goal is to ensure faster, easier and more user friendly website for improving the convenience of the users.

Exam offers a complete and cost effective open-source platform for conducting online exams to the students in different locations.

We hope you find the new website has a fresh look, is easy to use and is informative.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the content contained in our website, Please feel free to email us at

Advanced Question Categories for the exams

Exam has an instant exam engine with dynamic and randomized question patterns to improve the learning experience, so that the user can familiarize with various types of question patterns and update their knowledge relevant to the exam courses.

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Cloud based solutions

The cloud based solutions enables the organization to enhance business dexterity and controlled IT costs and empower the entrepreneurship by accelerating the digital innovation. The cloud based solutions provide agile business platforms that reduce time to market and help you save more on IT costs and processes.

Cloud based solution is inevitable for the businesses..

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Role of Web Developers in web development

From custom web development to portal development, from CMS web development to payment gateway development and from database development to eCommerce solutions, the web developers ensure your website to fulfill multifaceted purposes and make it fully operational.

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Advantages of Online Exams

The formal examination system is a very long procedure to conduct an examination. From the respect of the recruiter, they should give extra effort on the examination to select employees for the organization. This is a huge responsibility and extra load to the recruiter to conduct an examination.

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  • Substantial cost reduction in the expenses for conducting exams.
  • Randomized sequence of questions for each examinee.
  • Conduction of exams for number of students within a limited framework.
  • Students can attend the exams as per their convenience.
  • Users can view the exam results immediately after the exam.
  • Customizable Reports to help you retrieve and analyze the desired statistic data.
  • No data loss, even in the situation of power and internet failure.